Little home project

When you design and produce cushions, your own sofa is the last to get new ones… Finally I found a moment to create a new design for our sofa!

Set of poufs for family

It was nice to make a complete set of poufs, cushions and a meditation pouf of moving blankets for this family.
It turns out to match perfectly with their neutral furnishing and natural environment.

Physiotherapy in Nijmegen

For the physiotherapy practice, Fysiotherapie in Beweging, I made meditation poufs they ordered to use for their lessons Perfect Pilatus and Fascia Fitness.

Hoy concept store Nijmegen

I’m very proud and happy that some of my cushions, tablecloths and soon my towels and tea-towels are sold at the beautiful conceptstore Hoy in Nijmegen.

Acupuncture de Vossenberg

This cushion was ordered by the practice for acupuncture de Vossenberg, to use in the waiting room.
It contributes to the calm and serene atmosphere of the complete practice.