Hi, I am Marie-Louise Merx. I started my career at the Fashion academy and a course in design and communication. After I worked in various other industries I changed my path in 2015 and returned to my passion. What started in my inner circle as a small initiative has been growing into MLM Made. A webshop for authentic home accessories that I design and develop in my atelier in the Netherlands. All products are handmade and therefore every design is unique. My designs and color palettes are inspired by feelings of togetherness, warmth and relaxation. 

I often find myself strolling over markets to feel the fabrics and get inspired by them. In small series I launch collections with different items. I experiment with materials, techniques and colors, finding the best way to tell a story.

Marie Louise Merx

MLM Made approaches the square or rectangular shape of a cushion as a canvas for a small artwork. An illustration or pattern that reflects character and style and gives your home an authentic touch. 

Products from MLM Made are made with natural and tactile materials. The details and finish of every item show the beauty of real craftsmanship. A colorful detail to be recognised is the orange MLM Made logo. An industrial touch to the softer appearance of the cushion or tablecloth. Although MLM Made picks up on trends, the majority of all designs are timeless and accessible.

MLM Made complements your interior with a careful selection of decorative and comfortable items. The pouf that lifts your feet off the floor, the towels to dry your hands and the pillows on your couch are an invitation to comfort that your house has to offer.


In this day and age sustainability has to be a key responsibility of every company. MLM Made works sustainable in several ways. Most materials used are either overproduced fabrics for other industries, textile samples that are no longer used or new materials with quality marks. 

By working with leftover materials, no new waste is created and new life is blown into already existing luxury fabrics that would have been thrown away. All collections by MLM Made are small batches to serve the first orders. After those, most products can still be ordered on request. This order-focussed way of working makes sure that no materials, effort and energy are wasted on products that won’t be sold.